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8 occasions when Personalized Star Map is the perfect gift!

We all agree on one thing, gifting your loved ones a perfect gift is incredibly hard. We all want to gift something that will be loved and cherished for a long time. For everything you want to gift, you always have a second thought "Will they like it?", "What if they already have it?", "Will this make them feel special?" and the list goes on. 

This leads us to wonder if there is ever a perfect gift? Answer is yes, and that's where we come in. 

We, at Gift Night Sky, create a Personalized Star Map for you, which we truly believe is a perfect gift. 

What is a Star Map? 

A Star Map is a map of the night sky showing the alignment of the stars at a location and date you choose. It includes the major constellations seen in the sky. The dates could be in past or future, and location can be anywhere in the world! 

How do we generate the Star Map? 

We use an algorithm based on star data to provide a very accurate representations of the stars. Using the date and the location as input to the algorithm we generate a personalized star map. The star map varies from place to place, just as the night sky does when seen from different places. 

Why gift a Star Map?

Stars have always held a special significance in all our hearts. Not to mention how there are so many millions of Stars in the Sky, yet each has its own special traits. Alignment of Stars always changes moment to moment, allowing us to capture a special moment by capturing their alignment. This is bound to make any one, any moment, feel special and valued. 

Gifting a star map will make someone feel that you value their special moment with them, and you want them to cherish every time they look at their star map!

Occasions for which Star Map is the PERFECT GIFT 

1. Wedding

Have a wedding of your friends and family coming up, and you are no closer to finding them a special gift? Worry not. Let the newly married cherish their special day for years to come with your thoughtful gift! 

    Ready to create your star map? Click here!

    2. Anniversary

    What better way to say how much you love and adore your spouse than to frame the moment that you and your spouse started your happily ever after with a Personalized Star Map?

    It is also an excellent gift for your friends approaching their anniversaries. A star map that they can frame in their house as a token for their special day? Gifts don't get better than this!

      Cannot wait to surprise your partner? Head to our site! 

      3. Engagement

      Isn't that one of the sweetest memories of your life? The day your special one said "YES!" to your question of spending your lives together.

      Ladies, take note, pamper your man who went on one knee for you, by showing how much it means to you. 

        Click here to capture it with a personalized star map!  

        4. Valentine's Day

        We need not say anything more, just the two words of "Valentine's day" is enough for us to tell you why Star Map is a gift made for this day! It's a romantic gift bound to make your spouse weak in their knees. 

        Celebrate your love by getting a Star Map for your firsts. First time you met, your first hug, first kiss, the list goes on! 

          Surprise your forever valentine, make your personalized star map!  

          5. Day we met gifts

          A sly smile, an awkward introduction or even a fight! What is your sweet memory of meeting your special one? 

          Don't wait longer to tell them how dear that memory is! 

            Want to make your special one loved? Go ahead and create your own star map

            6. Birthday

            One of the occasions in life where you want to pamper and shower all the happiness on your loved one is on their birthday. Capturing the night sky the day that person was brought to this earth sounds like the perfect way to do that! 

            Surprise your friends and family with this custom map of how the night sky looked when they were born! You could thank us once you see the smile on their face. 

              Have some ideas of your own to make a star map? Head here to create one. 

              7. House warming / Grihapravesh

              House warming is a day anyone would feel proud of themselves, they were able to get a roof on their head that they could call theirs! A special day that should always be fondly thought of, and of course the perfect place to hang the personalized star map - is the house itself. 

              Gift the warmth of sweet memories on the special day of house warming! 

                Go to gift night sky to create a personalized star map with the name of your house on it! 

                8. Graduation 

                A proud moment, for the student and the family to see their child becoming an adult and heading to brave this big world! Preserve this sweet moment by gifting them a star map of their graduation day. 

                  Go to gift night sky to personalize yours today!